Happy couple inside their new home still under construction.

It can take several months or more to figure out where you would like to build and to pick the right home plan that fits your needs.

  • Our agents can do a lot of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the finer details such as the plan design and the final selections.
  • It often starts with a site visit at a subdivision to walk the lots and discuss the home placement to create that visual image of your new home on the property.
  • Our experienced agents are just a phone call away and can help get you going in the right direction.
  • Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself before you get too far down the path.
    • Is the school district important to us?
    • Does it matter if the property is serviced by municipal sewer and water?
    • What type of home design am I looking for?
    • What is the estimated monthly mortgage payment and estimated real estate taxes for what I would like to build?
    • Have I met with a real estate agent to see if there are other important factors (e.g. determining the value of my existing home) to consider?

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