Residential Land Development

Entrust your development project to a team with proven experience. Point Real Estate has developed over 10,000 homesites, and we bring that expertise to every new community.

The Land Development Process

Developing property for residential use is a complicated process. Let an expert partner manage the details and deadlines. Our team’s diverse experience in construction, financing, engineering, legal services, and real estate gives us unique expertise in residential development that is unmatched by other local firms.

At every step along the way, we look for ways to maximize the return of your investment. Whether it’s rethinking the civil design, finding more cost-efficient materials, or finding creative zoning solutions, we ensure that each decision creates more value for our clients.

Phases of Residential Development
Phase One

Property Development Due Diligence

Before you ever break ground, it’s critical to have every detail squared away. The Point Real Estate team coordinates the necessary research, analysis, plans, and approvals to ensure that your project stays on track.

  • Preliminary vision meeting
  • Project research: Review title, zoning codes, municipal development process, and property maps
  • Meetings with municipality officials and committees
  • Preparing project timeline and updating as necessary
  • Reviewing pro forma financials and preparing final estimate
  • Bidding, contracting, and coordinating third-party consultant services
  • Preparing and submitting plat and construction plan
  • Value-added analysis and cost engineering review
  • Applying for necessary permits
  • Preparing marketing materials
Phase Two

Residential Construction & Development

Once your development project is underway, we keep everything on track and on budget, with a careful eye on value engineering. Regular communication with our team keeps you informed every step of the way.

  • Managing bidding, negotiation, and scheduling processes for contractors
  • Onsite analysis of construction methods, performance, and plan design to maximize cost savings
  • Continual onsite construction inspection for progress and quality
    • Overseeing permit compliance
  • Preparing, collecting, and approving contractor invoices, insurance certificates, lien waivers, and W-9 forms
  • Loan draw requests for contractor payments
    • Monitoring construction budget and billing
    • Preparing letter of credit reduction requests
  • Overseeing completion of punch list items
    • Coordinating issuance of building permits
  • Coordinating project acceptance, attending necessary meetings, and overseeing release of guarantees
Phase Three

Community Support & Homeowner Association Management

Our support doesn’t end when development is done. We provide tools and services to provide your residents with worry-free homeownership and unsurpassed quality of life.

  • Preparing site maintenance plans based on appearance goals
  • Creating an annual Association budget
  • Coordinating bids, contracts, and schedules on behalf of the Association
  • Obtaining necessary insurance
  • Association billing, assessment collection, invoice payment, and accounting services
  • Conducting regular inspections to review quality of contract maintenance work and overall site appearance
  • Point of contact for homeowners questions and concerns

Why Choose Point for Land Development?

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Happy couple inside their new home still under construction.


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