The Buying Process

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Before you decide to start looking on your own, there are several steps you should take at the onset to not only save you time but also to get you going in the right direction.

  • Find an agent and explain what type of property you are looking for and identify the price range that fits your budget.
  • Take the time to speak with a lender to get a pre-approval letter to verify what price range you can afford and what level of down payment to expect.
  • Ask your agent to perform a search and send you a list of the properties that fit the criteria.
  • Start driving different areas and neighborhoods based on the search results to narrow down the possibilities.
  • Schedule showings with your agent for the top choices to view those listings and find the right property.
  • Once you find a property that you would like to pursue, meet with your agent to write an offer.
  • Once you have an accepted offer, then you need to deliver a copy of the contract to your lender in order to get the appraisal ordered and the final loan approval.
  • Your agent will help you monitor the contract dates and stay in communication with you up until the closing.

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